We manufacture custom digital signage enclosures and totems

We combine high end manufacturing technology and craftsmanship to bring quality and excellence to your advertising applications

Attending a wide range of applications and clients, we design and manufacture your design for your display of choice

Interior Applications

Digital signage kiosks for interior applications and information services. We use a wide range of architectural and design materials

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel digital signage: sleek, durable, and modern. Elevate your brand with timeless elegance and unmatched longevity.

Illuminated Totems

Cost effective solutions for back illuminated printings that can be easily changed and updated.

Urban Applications

Urban digital signage: robust solutions with varied IPS grading, anti-graffiti finish. Tailored resilience for city demands. 

Design & Engineering

We can help you realize your project with our extensive experience using 3D solid modeling software, simulation, and CAM tools.


We are ISO9001:2015 certified and we have a complete Product Lifecycle Management solution for managing changes and adjustments to your project through its life cycle. 

Located in Mexico City

Let your project benefit from the vast opportunities of near shoring. Manufacturing in Mexico City benefits your project with competitive prices and a world class manufacturing ecosystem unparalleled in our country. 

We ship to North America​

We have extensive experience shipping  to the United States and Canada.

Send us your project in CAD/3D and receive a quote in less than 24 hours

Fill the form and send us your project. If multiple files please zip them in one archive. Attach your NDA if needed and we will sign it and send it back to you.